Waste Free Challenge at work

TEA's office wasteThe Waste Free Challenge has shown us great ideas about reducing waste at home, but the Challenges can also apply to community groups, schools and offices!

As a Team, TEA will be taking the Waste Free Challenge in our office - things like Measuring Our Waste, dealing with our lack of Green Bins and recycling our e-waste. Will your office join us?

Tips to going Waste Free at the office:

  • Get a team together to talk about some simple ways to reduce waste - it's easier than working on your own
  • Keep everyone in your workplace informed - setting targets and giving progress updates will keep people motivated to reduce waste
  • Tell us about it! Share your stories about how your office or group cut waste on the Waste Free Challenge website.

City waste service or Private waste service?

One key issue to remember is that most larger commercial and office buildings don't get waste collection services from the City of Toronto. The City picks up waste from residents, public schools, some small businesses and some non-profit agencies. All other businesses - and even some high rise condos - actually pay for waste services from a private company.

Private waste services must provide separate recycling and garbage collection, but most don't pick up green bin organic waste, and they may collect different recyclables. Ask your building manager for more information.

Please check your e-mail for a link to activate your account.