TEA report: Extended Producer Responsibility

Report_Cover_image_for_web.jpgTEA created a report in 2011 to explain why companies need to be part of the solution to reducing packaging and product waste in Ontario.

You can read the guide online or download it here: Don't Trash our Environment: Why companies need to be part of Ontario's waste solution.

Extended Producer Responsibility laws, or EPR, makes manufacturers of products and packaging responsible for the end-of-life waste management and safe handling of what they sell.

This gives producers a reason to create less waste, and choose easy to recycle materials. It's also better for the environment and takes the burden off city waste fees.

TEA's report explains what Extended Producer Responsibility is, why we need it in Ontario, and gives some clear solid examples of companies that are doing the right thing, now!

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  • Judy Newman
    commented 2014-05-08 08:31:16 -0400
    All these disposable food containers are connected with our new attitude that food should be available to us on demand, wherever we might happen to be. Lots of additional waste (and sometimes waist) have been the result.