Insider's view of Toronto's waste

CUPE_416_worker_-_truck.jpgToronto's city solid waste workers are an essential part of Toronto's waste diversion programs.

Waste workers have an insider's perspective on waste - they deal with waste everyday, and they see the mistakes people make and the impact that new recycling programs have on the volume of waste being picked up.

We asked a few of Toronto's solid waste workers for their thoughts on how we can build a Waste Free Toronto.

Noemi Marsh formerly from Toronto Solid Waste (now Toronto Water) says:"The City of Toronto has one of the most advanced waste diversion systems in Canada but it's not being utilized as well as it could be. Other municipalities' diversion systems pale in comparison, and Toronto should lead them by example."

Education about Toronto's waste programs, and how to divert waste is an important part of reducing waste. Noemi's advice for residents: Read the Solid Waste Management calendar cover to cover!

Access to waste diversion tools and services is also an important part of reducing waste - this is especially true for apartments and condos that have a lower waste diversion rate than single family homes. Howard Biggs, a Solid Waste worker explains:"I have noticed that in apartment buildings that have a large recycle bin on every floor, there is much greater use of the program than the buildings that simply place one collection bin outside beside the garbage bin."

Aside from seeing opportunities to improve waste and recycling programs at the City on a larger scale, solid waste workers also see how the little things add up.


Carmine Gallippi of Solid Waste sees that there's a lot we can do to reduce waste, and he does what he can at home. "I reuse a lot of containers, tin ones and plastic ones. Most recently I rinsed out a lotion dispenser and I use it now for a dish detergent dispenser."

Toronto's Solid Waste workers are proud of their work, proud of Toronto's great waste diversion programs and have great ideas of their own about reducing, reusing and recycling.

Thanks to Toronto's Solid Waste workers for helping us reduce waste and build a Waste Free future for Toronto!


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