Clothing Repairathon June 7!

repairathon_sign.jpgGot an old shirt with missing buttons? A favourite bag with a torn handle? Don't toss it out - repair it!

This Saturday morning at the Evergreen Brickworks farmers market, check out the Repairathon: Volunteer-menders will help you repair your clothing and fabrics - keeping it from landfill and saving money.

Michael Fagan began the Toronto Clothing Repairathon when inspired by the international Repair Cafe movement. Focusing on clothing, Michael has pulled together a team of volunteers who set up at events at farmer's markets and festivals all over Toronto. The team arrives at the events armed with sewing machines, spare buttons, patches - all the [donated] tools needed to help you mend your clothes for free! 

At each event 3 or 4 volunteers mend anywhere between 15 and 50 items (depending on the complexity of the repair) - everything from darning an old sweater to stitching up the lining of a favourite backpack or replacing a zipper. The goals include reducing garbage and helping people build repairing skills, as well as just having fun and connecting with the community.

Like many of the repair, share and swap groups, the Repairathon is a money-free group - they don't ask for or take money. But they often get donations of sewing supplies, equipment or snacks for the volunteers.

Michael explains "Repairing is great because it's at the top of the waste hierarchy. Plus, it's direct. We're not just telling people to waste less... we're physically helping them to do so."

Get your clothes mended this Saturday June 7th at 10am, find the Repairathon table at the Evergreen Brickworks! Volunteer menders and helpers with any level of skill are always welcome - find out more here.

Swapping, sharing and repairing your stuff instead of tossing it out reduces waste. Tell us about your repairs - you'll be completing Challenge #4 - Think Twice Before you Buy in the Waste Free Challenge! Take all 10 and you can win prizes! 


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