Packaging Petition

Companies that sell products have a choice about the type and amount of packaging they use on their products.

Many states and countries are creating rules that make these companies responsible for their products and packaging, even after they leave the store. This gives companies a reason to use less packaging and to ensure that it's recyclable. In Ontario, we've made a start, but companies need to do more.

Dear The Packaging Association of Canada (PAC), 

As the organization that calls itself "the voice of the Canadian packaging industry since 1950," your members are mostly responsible for the products and packaging that end up in municipal waste systems.

We urge your member companies to take responsibility for the packaging waste they create. That's why I am requesting your member companies to:

a. stop using non-recyclable materials to make packaging.
b. pay back municipalities for the full costs of dealing with packaging once it ends up in the waste or recycling stream.



Who's signing

Mike Wills
Yiyuan Z
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