5 - How do you Re-Use?

Challenge #5 - Choose to Re-Use

Aside from refillable water bottles and coffee cups, there are countless ways to choose re-usables and reduce garbage. How do you Re-Use?

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  • Emily Green
    commented 2014-05-28 07:18:03 -0400
    Bringing Tupperware and a reusable bag to take-out restaurants is also something fun to try!
  • Emily Green
    commented 2014-05-28 07:12:37 -0400
    I use reusable produce/bulk bags, which I found at metro (and can also be found at whole foods). I also use handkerchiefs instead of tissues, absorbent cloths (Skoy brand) instead of paper towel, and I have reusable cloth napkins. All of these things can be machine washed, which I’m told is what my grandparents used to do before everyone started using disposables! The handkerchiefs I have were passed down from my grandparents and were just sitting for years in my dad’s drawer until I started using them.