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Standardize what 'compostable' plastic is!

'Biodegradable' and 'compostable' plastic can mean many different things - from simply plastic breaking down into smaller plastic flakes to actual organic material that can break down in compost, it's almost impossible for the average person to figure this out. The Ontario or Federal government should pass rules that clearly require companies who make this type of plastic use easier to understand and standard terms.

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3 - Use T.O. Trash Tools

Challenge #3 - Use Toronto's Trash Tools

What tools would help make recycling and waste sorting easier for you? Do you have ideas and suggestions for new tools?

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4 - Thinking Twice before you Buy

Challenge #6 - Think Twice Before You Buy

Do you have other ideas or good examples of sharing, repairing or buying less?

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6 - Buy Recycled

Challenge #6 - Buy Recycled

Did you find it easy to find products with recycled content? Do you have any tips or ideas on how to find recycled products?

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5 - How do you Re-Use?

Challenge #5 - Choose to Re-Use

Aside from refillable water bottles and coffee cups, there are countless ways to choose re-usables and reduce garbage. How do you Re-Use?

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7 - Grow Green Bins

Challenge #7 - Help Grow Green Bins

Did you ask a building manager to get Green Bins? What happened? Share your story and your ideas here!

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8 - Sending Packaging Packing

Challenge #8 - Send Packaging Packing

Product packaging is a big problem, and it's growing! What else can we do to cut down on packaging and get it out of our garbage?

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9 - Tackle Toxic Trash

Challenge #9 - Tackle Toxic Trash

What ideas do you have to make it easier to safely dispose of hazardous waste? 

How can we avoid toxic materials in the first place?


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10 - Recycle your Electronics

Challenge #10 - Send your Electronics to a Better Place

What do you do with your old electronics? Share your ideas and suggestions on how to deal with e-waste here.

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