Challenge 5 - Choose to Re-use

Choose to Re-Use!

It's the small things that add up. One coffee cup or one bottle of water doesn't seem like much. Now, think about how full a garbage can would be with 250 single use coffee cups, one for every work day in the year?

Now imagine if just 10% of Torontonians (250,000 people) used throw-away cups and water bottles: it would be a nightmare of unnecessary waste!

But if you choose reusables, like a refillable water bottle, or a travel mug, you can help eliminate this nightmare. You save money and you help the environment (bottled water costs so much more than tap water, and Toronto's tap water is some of the cleanest in the world).


  • Get a refillable water bottle and reusable travel mug and commit to carrying them with you. Or, if you're having a coffee or tea at a cafe, ask them to put it in a reusable mug instead of a disposable cup.

  • Snap a photo of yourself using your refillable water bottle or mug and share it with us below.

Take the extra step:
If you already carry a mug and water bottle, choose a reusable to replace another disposable product in your life - for example using lunch containers instead of disposable bags, or carrying reusable cutlery to use when you get take-out food. Tell us about it and share a photo.

Did you take this challenge?

  • John Ellis
    Took Challenge 2014-05-07 20:03:14 -0400
    My wife and I do all of these Re Use things.
  • Michael Greason
    Took Challenge 2014-05-07 19:44:59 -0400
  • Jody Yu
    Took Challenge 2014-05-07 13:58:09 -0400
    Yes I did. I purchased a S’well insulated bottle from Grassroots on Bloor Street. It costs $35 + HST. It keeps beverages cold for 24 hours and beverages hot for 12 hours. It is lightweight and slender, with a textured surface which is easy to gripe. I fill it with cold water and take it with me whenever I go out. I no longer have to spend time and money stopping to buy drinks when I am running about downtown. The S’well bottle is a great purchase and I love it.
  • Chris Flanagan
    Took Challenge 2014-05-06 23:45:36 -0400
    I always use a refillable water bottle. paying money for water seems ridiculous to me and the packaging is so wasteful.
  • Antoinette Battaglia
    Took Challenge 2014-05-05 13:32:41 -0400
    I find it so easy to carry around a water bottle everywhere. I started using reusable water bottles 6 years ago. If I were to buy a water bottle each time instead…how much does a bottle cost, $1.50? I’ve saved over $2000!

    Having a reusable water bottle also encourages you to drink more water throughout the day. On average, we should have 8 glasses of water a day, so it’s a simple step with many benefits. :)
  • Silvia Wineland
    Took Challenge 2014-04-30 11:43:14 -0400
    Don’t forget re-usable bags instead of plastic. I carry a light folded-up cloth bag in my purse so it’s always available for unplanned purchases.

    The bag collection for groceries lives in the trunk of our car (spread out for the photo).